Protect our children

Sexual violence in conflict has been on the international agenda for over a decade now but it is still prevalent where ever there is war or political strife. Reports on sexual violence have focused mainly on women, though men and children suffer as much.  There are misconceptions’ regarding what is and what is not sexual violence, but the following clarify these misconception:

Sexual violence –

1. It is not just women who suffer sexual violence, it is also children

2. It is not just girls who suffer sexual violence, it is also boys

3. It is not just Africa that has sexual violence, it is a global problem

4. It is not just a ‘weapon of war’, it is pervasive in all settings

These four points are from a recently released report on sexual violence against children; .

caption acrredited
caption acrredited

The report makes for interesting reading because it raises issues that RAU will be working on in the near future, violence against children, whose voices are seldom heard.  This report is also in line with the perceptions of sexual violence report RAU is finalizing which also asks question about sexual violence against children, particularly teenage boys and girls.

Sexual violence is not only a problem for women to be addressed only by women; it can affect any person of any race and living in any country.


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