Downpour of distress!

If one’s three year old nephew knows that in December it rains, and therefore starts to look for his raincoat frantically when he realises it’s getting towards December, then it could be assumed it is human nature to be prepared for any event. Sadly the Zimbabwean government does not have the same insight as a three year old. Often, the flimsy excuse of lack of funds is used, yet time and time again ‘donations’ conveniently become available to fund congresses and other activities that make politicians look good like kissing babies at shopping malls and funding funerals.

On Saturday the 8th of December abundant rains fell on Zimbabwe. Finally the maize crop could do well, we all thought, but there was a flip side to the rain. Anyone unfortunate enough to have been at Parirenyatwa hospital that afternoon received the shock of their life. One would expect to find sanctuary in the hospital from the mud and out pour outside but nothing could have prepared any person for the rains that were pouring INSIDE the hospital. Countless puddles could be seen from the entrance and people had to navigate their way around these.

navigating a wet hospital
navigating a wet hospital

The defeated look of the cleaning lady was sad, she looked at those in the hospital and said ‘haisi mhosva yedu’ (it is not our fault). And she was right, it was not her responsibility to maintain the hospital, and she did not have the duty to ensure that the roof was not leaking. But she was unfortunate to have the mammoth task of cleaning up the area.

It is said a society is judged by how it treats the vulnerable.  If what Parirenyatwa hospital experienced on this day, is a reflection of how the ill are treated in this country then we all ought to be ashamed!

Rainy hospital
Rainy hospital

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