What about OUR workers!

This is an e-mail that has been doing the rounds. We all need to try and buy local goods to keep people employed.

The fact that the majority of goods consumed in the country are imported has created a crisis in Zimbabwe.

Picture this: A hubby works for the company that makes buttercup margarine…Olivine for example. He discusses with his wife how tough things are at work due to low demand and explains that this is the reason that the salary was late. He proceeds to give his wife the grocery money. The following day the wife goes out and buys “cheaper” imported product including imported margarine. The following month the margarine plant downsizes and the hubby is retrenched.

SO are wives destroying their hubby’s employment? Did the wife effectively fire the hubby?

If this is being replicated throughout the country are we not being irresponsible with our purchasing power and creating jobs in South Africa whilst our children are without jobs?

The result:-

·         Too many people are unemployed in Zimbabwe

·         Bank deposits and savings are low

·         Revenue collected low as taxes are on low base

·         Zimbabwean Banks cannot save money earned by foreigners so they have no deposits to lend

·         Zimbabwean Government cannot tax foreign companies not operating in Zimbabwe and employees in foreign companies thus no adequate funds to take care of Zimbabwean citizens

·         Too many local people are unemployed , thus people cannot pay ZESA and the Urban councils for services as they have no earnings

How do people remain employed?

I make margarine for you and you make mealie-meal for me… you drive me to work in your bus and my friend makes plastic packaging for the mealie-meal that you make. A cousin of yours makes the cooking oil and his brother makes corn cereals, his sister makes clothes for you etc.

But if one of these products is imported then one person or several persons get unemployed. If more of the products are imported more people get unemployed.

So make sure at least half of what you buy is a local product and you will CREATE a job or jobs.

You will help save my job and I will help to save your job and the government will collect taxes and sort out the water and power issues (hopefully).

We have the power to help each other. Let’s create jobs here and not in South

Africa or China by Buying ZIMBABWEAN PRODUCTS.

Every time you buy a product you create a job somewhere so why not create that job here for someone that you know and then you do not have to pay school fees for your brothers children because he will be able to find a job.

Before we blame others for our state, let’s do our bit by buying Zimbabwean products.

Buy Wisely!

 Proudly Zimbabwean


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