Policing and the Zimbabwean Constitution.

In a recent report issued by our sister organisation IDASA in conjunction with RAU, the reforms needed to implement an effective police force in Zimbabwe are outlined. Here is an extract from this report:

Policing that is guided by appropriate and democratic principles enables people to live with a sense of physical security and in the absence of fear. Such policing is:
– Subject to the rule of law and to principles of accountability and transparency.
– Non-partisan politically and supportive of democratic political processes and institutions.
– Focused above all on providing policing services to, and upholding the safety of, ordinary
– Carried out in terms of standards of integrity and respect for human rights.
– Integrates the recognition that police officers themselves are also citizens – though this
is subject to limitations related to their status as an “essential service” and intended to
ensure their political non-partisanship.

To read the full report follow this link:



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