Speak Out Against Domestic Violence!

ZiFM DJ Tinoponda Katsande also known as Tin Tina media, television and radio personality who is also an actress in Zimbabwe was battered by her boyfriend over the weekend. The comments and excuses that are being given social network groups like Facebook have been a reason for concern. Some of the comments said,

“Tin-Tin wanga wanyanya kuenderera thats why wazo kwapaidzw avarume vanorova nzenza kusvika dzadzikama”(Tin-Tin you were going too far that is why you got  slapped men beat loose women until they become proper and steady) ,muri pahasha komambonzwa kuti angaaita sei
1)kuti arowhe  (
what had she done to get beaten up?)
2)murume wacho akato zvimba worse dan dis coz airohwa ne potomu musoro
+ ngatisango mhanya kuprotector munhu musina kunzwa d odersyd o d story
”The boyfriend could be swollen worse because he was being beaten up with a pot in the head. Also, let us not rush into protecting her before we hear the other side of the story,”

imimurume wake anga anzwa nekurohwa nemunhu uyu nezuro ndoopa akatia dzorerewo mushuremekunge arohwa nepoto kashan umumusoro,manje Tin akuita sekunge ndiye akarohwa izvokwete idi ndingwerava kuti angumavara azara ivhu, (the husband had been suffering all this time being beaten up every day and yesterday that is when he decided to retaliate after being beaten 4 times with a pot in the head. Tin is now acting as if she is the one who got beaten up, yet she is suffering as a result of her own actions.)

There is no need for us to know the details of the story in order to condemn domestic violence and speak out against it. It does not matter if he was provoked or not. Tinopona Katsande’s story is a representation of every single woman in Zimbabwe and what happened to her is not excusable. Tino’s story is not an isolated story or event. It was reported in February 2012 by allafrica.com that 9 out of 24 murders in Zimbabwe are as a result of domestic violence. Such statistics make domestic violence a serious issue if ever anyone was in doubt that it is an issue.

No woman or man ever thinks that it could happen to them. No one ever imagines that their partner is capable of battery or gross abuse. Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied. This is especially true when the abuse is psychological, rather than physical.

Domestic violence does not discriminate;it happens to individuals within all age groups, of all ethnic backgrounds, and from economic levels. While women are more commonly victimized, men are also abused in Zimbabwe.More often than not, when exercised against men such abuse is often verbal and emotional although sometimes it can be physical.

The bottom line is that abusive behaviour is never acceptable, whether it is committed by a man, a woman or a teenager   we as people in Zimbabwe need to make it our business to stop it from happening. There are no reasons for violence and it should be never justified. Violence is a substantial health problem by virtue of its direct effects, such as injury and mortality and the overall burden of disease as a risk factor for several other serious health problems. The use of violence is not the way to solve dispute!

More than anything Tinopona must be applauded for her bravery in coming out into the open, exposing what she had to go through and condemning what happened to her. She could have chosen to remain silent whilst making excuses for her assailant but she chose to speak out.

Tinopona we salute your courage!


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