Africa: This is not all we are.

The issues that hinder Africa’s progress are real and prominent. Like grim reapers, poverty, hunger, famine, diseases, civil wars, dictatorships and droughts among other challenges surround Africa.

However, these challenges are not the only things that define our continent. Africa has beautiful people.  It is up to us as African people to take responsibility for the continent’s progression. We cannot expect the good in our continent to shine like a bright light when we sit as grim reapers and magnify everything but the good in Africa. The stench of death will not be subdued unless we introduce new lively members to the ‘table.’ It is important to channel our efforts towards addressing these challenges in order for Africa to succeed.


One thought on “Africa: This is not all we are.

  1. the biggest stumbling block to our progression is also bad media reports and really freak off the wall stories that people come up with about our culture and what they think they know….

    like someone who has time to fool around , comes to Africa for some fancy mission then after 3 weeks they find themselves qualified to write a report about Africa? that boils me…

    “in Africa they….,” most likely that they were in one country then they think they know the whole continent..

    there is so much to us , more than enough than the off the wall ideas that the western countries think they know about us!!

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