Why the 2nd Stakeholders Conference?

According to the COPAC co-Chair Honourable Douglas Mwonzora, speaking at a ZLHR Conference a few  weeks ago,  the terms of reference of the Second Stakeholders Conference are:

  • Ø To receive an overview of the process so far
  • Ø To receive the draft Constitution
  • Ø To receive recommendations from stakeholders
  • Ø To compile a report of the findings of that Conference

The Draft Constitution MAY be revisited and revised but this is not guaranteed.

The Honourable also stated that only the following documents would be allowed into the deliberations at the Second Stakeholders’ Conference;

  • Ø Documents used in the compilation of the draft such as the National statistical report;
  • Ø Documents containing the views from the outreach coming from interest groups such as children, the diaspora and people living with disabilities among others;
  • Ø Explanatory note of the statistics that will accompany the report;

NB: No external documents shall be allowed.

The following delegates shall be allowed to participate

–         246 delegates from political parties

–         571 from civil society (nominated by political parties)

–         284 members of Parliament


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