Elections again? Oh no!!!

Whilst the principals can sit and make decisions about having elections in 2013, the common Zimbabwean begins to shudder at the thought. My first thought was- not again! Lest these three gentlemen  forget, it is the last election that caused us great scars as a nation that we had to set up an Organ on National Healing. Whether the Organ effectively healed the scars or not is another issue but that the scars that our society incurred in 2008 ran deep remains fact.

Photo accredited to http://www.solidaritypeacetrust.org

We lost family and friends to the violence and we lost our homes and property. This is what we remember when we talk of elections! So, faced with prospects of a new election our hearts begin to sink.

Photo accredited to http://www.solidaritypeacetrust.org

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