Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

We may all remember that over a year ago 29 members of the MDC where arrested in connection with the murder of Inspector Petros Mutedza. To commit murder is unacceptable and society should work towards dealing with the root causes of what makes a person kill another. In addition the implementation of the law should be expeditious so that society is satisfied that the law is efficient. But, sadly, this is not the case in Zimbabwe.

We must remember the first golden rule of the law which is, the law must be done and seen to be done. We are all asking why this particular trial has gone on for 16 months? Why have the accused been denied bail? Is it reasonable in any court of law to be kept in remand for over a year with no clear idea of where the trial is going? If one is found innocent of the charge will that person be compensated for 16 months of financial loss, alienation from family and friends and the emotional and physical torture of being in a Zimbabwean Prison? Is there a price tag on these things? Many questions, that no one can even answer.

On the other hand, on 06 March 2012, police officers brutally beat a man to death over the theft of a cell phone. The six officers were arrested after the community marched to the station to demand justice for the dead man. The outcome of this was that the men were granted bail of USD100 each. The state then announced in May that the trial for them would commence in June, three months after the crime was committed.

It seems that some cases can be finalised in less than 5 months, which makes one wonder why the case involving the 29 MDC members has taken so long. Is justice being served or is it just plain retribution? You decide!

Please follow this link to read Solomon Madzore’s message from Chikurubi Prison:



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