Sharing Towers

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has recently stated that they will make it compulsory for Mobile network providers within the country to share towers and infrastructure effective in 2013 as a prerequisite of the renewal of their operating licences.

POTRAZ director General, Engineer Charles Sibanda recently stated ” The work has been done, what is now left is the announcement by the policy maker and hopefully the announcement will be made soon.”

Initially, in the past two years, Econet and Telecel submitted complaints to parliamentary committees stating that state owned mobile operator Net-One refused to share infrastructure with them in the years when it had the largest coverage. More recently submissions by the Econet CEO now suggest Net-One is now complaining Econet is not prepared to share. This is starting to sound like a childish quarrel by two toddlers over a toy!

POTRAZ has recently clamped down on operators due to high costs to subscribers who are receiving generally poor service from all operators. POTRAZ Networks and Standards Manager, Mr Nicholas Muzhuzha said his organisation was acquiring surveillance equipment to monitor the operators for service delivery.

It seems that nearly every week a new tower is being constructed, often on private properties. Why can’t these operators put their differences aside and come to an agreement with each other for the ultimate benefit of the subscribers in the form of reduced costs, never mind the fact that the towers are an eyesore and also cause health problems for anyone living nearby.


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