Where is Education Money?

Yet again the unrelenting greed of our leaders has reared its ugly head, this time in the form of the non-payment of fees for 50 000 students under the State Cadetship Scheme to enable them to attend universities and other tertiary institutions for further education.

ZINASU, the Zimbabwe National Students Union launched a civil disobedience campaign on Wednesday code named “Final Force” for a duration of 60days. Their plan is to maintain pressure on the Ministry of Higher Education, the final outcome hoped for being the resignation of incompetent ministers. The President of ZINASU, Pride Mukono stated “ministers cannot continue to live a lavish lifestyle while students struggle in extreme poverty and fail to attend lectures”. He also said that “a number of ministers in the unity government benefited from state education funds.”

Higher Education Minister, Stan Mudenge ( also presently involved in the Save Conservancy indigenisation saga) and Finance Minister, Tendai Biti have recently been locking horns over the fees issue with Mudenge blaming Biti for only releasing $1 million of the $42 million budgeted amount. Biti has responded by saying that there is no money in Treasury due to the fact that possible funds from the Marange diamonds are being used to further enrich the ZANU-PF elite and military chiefs instead of being channelled into education and infrastructure.

When will the greed end and will the campaign launched by ZINASU result in the resignation of some of these greedy individuals? We wait and see…

Higher Education Minister, Stan Mudenge
Finance Minister, Tendai Biti

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