Five men rape 12 Year old girl.

A 12 year old Harare girl has stunned the Harare Magistrate Court after admitting to having consented to be intimate with five men. The minor was testifying in a case where a 22 year old man Nyasha Kaitano was facing charges of having raped the minor. Two of them were convicted and fined for having been intimate with a minor. Tapfumanei  Kaitano (26) and one Lloyd (21) were both fined US$200 each by different magistrates. Another accused Victor Lemon (22) yesterday appeared in court for his initial remand charged with rape. He was remanded in custody to August 30 and advised to apply for bail at the High Court. According to Zimbabwean law a minor below the age of 16 is incapable of consent.

The trial of Nyasha Kaitano (22) opened yesterday before magistrate Mr Rodgers Kachambwa.
Nyasha pleaded not guilty, arguing that the intimacy was by consent. He gave evidence stating that he and the minor were in love; in cross examination the minor admitted to having consensual sex with Nyasha. He accused the girl of making the advances. Nyasha said they became intimate at a friend’s house. He claimed to have asked the minor if she had been intimate before and she admitted to having had sex with two other men. The girl’s guardian, her aunt submitted that on the night of July 30, the girl disappeared from home and they made a police report. “After a fruitless search, we decided to report her missing and with the help of the police we managed to find her the following day at one of her boyfriend’s house, Lemon.  She went on to tell the court that the girl needed help.
“A medical examination was conducted and it disclosed that it was not her first time to sleep with men and when police interviewed her, she listed all her boyfriends.

The trial continues today.


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