Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference – Pastoral Letter – Zimbabweans in the Diaspora

Please follow this link to read the letter: http://mdctsa.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/zimbabwe-catholic-bishops-conference-pastoral-letter-addressed-to-zimbabweans-in-the-diaspora.pdf

In this letter the Bishops are wanting to give recognition and hope to those Zimbabweans living in the diaspora who may feel abandoned by their country, Zimbabwe.

Many of these people are economic migrants and don’t qualify for refugee status in their adopted countries.Most of them left in times of elections when violence rates increased considerably and people thought to support the opposition parties were targeted. Especially in South Africa, many of these people live in dire circumstances and are targeted for xenophobic attacks.


One thought on “Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference – Pastoral Letter – Zimbabweans in the Diaspora

  1. Many in the diaspora would have wanted to respond to this important letter addressed to them. This letter has touched my heart. An email address to respond to should have been provided and I am sure there was going to be a lot of responses which could be put into a compilation and forwarded to the authorities. My response to the pastoral letter is as follows.

    Thank you very much for your letter which has touched my heart. The letter captures my circumstances both in terms of personal feelings and physical circumstances over the past 5 years. Six years ago i never thought i could leave my country as it appeared things were getting better. When I realized my children were about to go to University it dawned on me that i was not going to be able to afford their university education. I am a beneficiary of the so called land reform which i got not because someone came to me and offered me the land but because i was in the middle of what was happening and since that is the only thing that was happening especially to those who were based in small farming towns like Karoi. In fact it is a white farmer friend who said to me if you do not go for it the chaotic land reform will not stop. I am not being apologetic here but stating how it came to be. Yes the land might benefit my off spring in many years to come. And I am convinced that that benefit will be by default not by designed. Well for now it seems 12 years on that has not happened and the question is with so much time on their hands why didn’t they craft non destructive ways to address the land imbalance. I believe things could have been done in a better way since they had the time and power to change the laws.

    Since I left the country and i have been working across Africa where signs of poorly managing countries in the name of the people are everywhere. Rwanda a country which suffered a genocide during which close to 1 million people were killed by fellow country men is now doing very well because of good management where corruption is not tolerated. The killings were triggered by hate speech similar to the kind we used to hear in Zimbabwe coming from those in power. Some of the perpetrators were told they will get land. Well things have changed there due to good leadership and the country is one of the fastest growing in Africa and i hope this happens to Zimbabwe

    In the last year I was about to plan to relocate back home but with the election talk and the violence going on in remote place and the police doing little i have shelved those plans. So it looks like I am going to be in the diaspora for sometime.

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