What is it about women?

I have often wondered about the role that women play and the influence they have in entrenching male dominion over other women. Why do women manipulate situations to intentionally hurt other women? Strange as it may sound, it does occur in many spheres of our lives.

For example, in 2008 there was rampant political violence inZimbabwe. Political bases were set up in many areas. Women and men were taken to these bases where they were beaten, raped and tortured. Who was singing and chanting as this was happening? Who supplied the lists of ‘opposition supporters’ to instigate attacks on these people? Was it not other women?

Why do some women knowingly enter into relationships with married men and openly declare their preference for married men? Why would one knowingly inflict pain on another woman and her family? Women openly brag about being small houses (Zimbabwean term for mistress). Have women become so selfish and insensitive that they do not care about other people’s welfare for as long as they are not directly affected?

Why is it that in most families the people who cause the most discord are the tetes (aunts)? Why is it that the mothers, aunts and sisters of a man who wants to marry a woman who is older than him or a single mother are the ones to shun her and label her unworthy of their son, nephew or brother forcing the couple to break up?. It seems love is not enough for the couple; they have to please a lot of other people before they can marry.

When it comes to family life horror stories of the mother in law and the daughter in law emerge. From strife to serious ill-treatment cases, all the cases are between women. In  situations where a man has two wives staying in the same house , there is bad blood between the women with, one wife lying to the husband about the other woman so that he beats her up or even chases her away so that she may have the whole house to herself.

Often women underplay the power they have and the role they play in cases of violence against other women. Is it not that women are guilty by proxy? Surely when you create an environment conducive for other women to be abused then you are as guilty as the perpetrator of the offence.

Women need to realise that they are not as innocent as they purport to be; they are as much part of the problem as the men!


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